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Full Stack Engineer at Stealth Life Sciences Startup



Software Engineering
Seattle, WA, USA
Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

Full Stack Engineer at Stealth Life Sciences Startup


We are an early stage startup using generative AI to fundamentally change life sciences research and accelerate the pace of biomedical discovery.

Genomic data are at the heart of most modern molecular studies and tools, from basic research to clinical decision support, but these data are hard to work with. Genomic data require expensive laboratories, sophisticated computational infrastructure, and big teams to produce and analyze. Generating and analyzing genomic data takes weeks or months. We’re building generative AI models to cut that time down to minutes or hours.

Our platform addresses a huge need in the large and rapidly growing use of genomics in research, from basic science to therapeutic development. mRNA therapeutics alone - a subset of the overall market we serve - is projected to be a $100 billion market by 2026. This is an opportunity to be part of a mission to transform life sciences R&D by dramatically accelerating the pace of discovery.


Our team has dedicated their careers to moving the needle in biomedical research and education and has a deep understanding of how to build a transformative product in this space. Our founders each have ~20 years of experience in life sciences, genomic data generation and analysis, and AI/ML and data science. Our team has leading experts in the design, execution, collection, and application of AI/ML methods to large biological studies; has previously led and scaled startups; and are experts in scientific training and enablement. We have lived the problem and are ready to solve it!


We are looking for a mid- to senior-software engineer who wants to join our mission and be an early part of building our AI-powered platform at the intersection of machine learning and life sciences discovery.

You will help to set up and build out our data and bioinformatics platform:

  • Be part of the early team building our data and bioinformatics platform.
  • Contribute to core features and prioritization for our bioinformatics product vision – to make genomic data analysis easy
  • Collaborate with ML experts to productionize generative AI models
  • Apply experiences and insights on the challenges and bottlenecks within current approaches/tools used in genomic data analytics to our vision that reimagines how biologists and bioinformaticians gain biological insights
  • Work closely with customers to ensure customer focus and incorporate feedback into platform infrastructure and product


The best candidates do not always match the job description completely. If you are excited about our vision and feel that you could be a valuable asset to our team, please apply!

The ideal engineer will have some familiarity with life science research, but an interest in applying your programming skills to our mission is the key ingredient.


  • You know React 18 and Typescript
  • You understand and use React features like useEffect, useMemo, useCallback, concurrency, suspense, transitions, and context
  • You’re comfortable with Typescript “strict” mode and employ generics and mapped, conditional, and indexed access types to improve developer DX and minimize the surface area for run-time errors in your applications
  • You care about good UX and enjoy thinking through and implementing simple and intuitive UI
  • You have solid experience with relational databases (or large datasets and pipelines)
  • Bonus: You’ve worked with production infrastructure in AWS, GPS, or Azure
  • Bonus: You have data science, machine learning, and/or life sciences experience
  • Bonus: You have open source community experience (e.g. contributing PRs, etc)


  • Recent experience building web applications with Typescript (~4 years desired)
  • Recent experience with relational databases (~3 years desired)
  • Working cross-functionality and with customers (~2 years desired)
  • Experience building web applications at one or more startups (1+ years desired)
  • Proven track record of nimbleness, organization, and execution


  • Customer-focused
  • Open-minded and adaptable; willingness and ability to change focus and direction quickly in response to product/market demands
  • Comfortable working in close collaboration with the team and independently
  • Strong communication and desire to be a key player on a small, devoted team


Our founders have strong reputations as thoughtful, forward-thinking colleagues and mentors who cultivate talent. We’ll think intentionally and collaboratively about your career and how we build our team. Our founders’ experiences in workforce development and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our approach.

  • Impact — Our platform will accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and therapy development to advance human health. This is an opportunity to build something from the ground up in a space that has a real, positive impact.
  • Early employee impact — As a member of the very early team, you will play a pivotal role in helping shape our product, team, and culture. For the rest of our days, no matter how many thousands of people join after you, you will always have that honor and distinction. It looks great on a resume, too.
  • Early stage equity — A benefit of joining early. None of us (neither our founders nor our investors) would be here if we didn’t think that our company will create tremendous value over time.
  • Flexible location and hours – We are whole people with whole lives and expect that you are, too. We’ll trust each other to make progress as a team, in times and places that work for everyone. Preference for Seattle area. Travel to Seattle will be required from time to time – it’s a beautiful city!
  • Visa support - We cannot provide visa support at this time.